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Research activity of the Volgograd Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA is carried out in the scientific directions corresponding to a profile of higher education institution, operating specialties of postgraduate education and the priority directions of development of science. High level of research project is provided with the high personnel capacity of the Institute.

The main direction of research activity of the Volgograd Institute of Management is "Efficiency of public administration in Russia". Within this direction the questions concerning administrative reform, the organization of local government, legal support of processes of reforming of the public and municipal service, personnel policy, the effective assessment of personnel potential of the civil and municipal servants in the Volga federal district. We research, test and apply new educational technologies in retraining of personnel in the sphere of public and municipal administration.

Our faculty and chairs conduct research on fundamental problems in the sphere of the scientific interests, broad range of applied sciences such as  economy, management, law, sociology, political science and many others.

Leading scientists of the Institute, developing research in the chosen direction, bring together round itself followers and pupils and form Scientific schools.  Within such creative associations preparation of master's and doctoral dissertations is carried out, scientific seminars and conferences are held, collective monographs are published.

The research results of the Volgograd Institute of Management are applied by regional industries, federal and regional governments. We specialize in the wide range of issues connected with public service reformation in Russia. In scientific researches the Institute cooperates with Regional and Municipal Government of Volgograd.

International, regional scientific and practical conferences, seminars, discussions and round tables on problems of social, law, economic and political development of the country are regularly held.



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