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A Message from the Director

This is a great privilege to welcome you on the Volgograd Branch of Russian presidential academy of National Economy and Public Administration website!


The Academy is always open to new ideas, innovation and to building networks of higher education institutions. The Academy`s international focus goes hand in hand with the actions carried out by the federal and local authorities. We have special links with a number of universities in Europe, North America and Asia based on bilateral agreements. The aim of these agreements is to foster academic mobility and to reinforce cooperation both in the field of teaching and of research.


Our Students and professors engage in study and research in the spirit of collegiality which is the distinctive feature of the Academy upon which we set such value.


Ours is the community in which undergraduates, graduates, stuff, alumni have a part to play; it is a place where lasting friendships are made; where formative experiences both academic and personal take place, all can return to the Alma Mater. Not only we need to provide for academic requirements for our students but we must also ensure that there are facilities and opportunities for all their talents to emerge.

Students, Researchers and Professors from abroad are welcomed in the Academy!


Above all the Academy will remain the place where people flourish.


Igor Tyumentsev



TYUMENTSEV Igor Olegovich



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